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Let's play Cladder! This addictive game based on Wordle will definitely be the perfect choice for fans of the famous word game series!

Cladder is an addictive game based on the famous word game series, it will definitely be the perfect choice for Wordle fans so you can't miss it! You only have 60 seconds to solve its challenges, which are the game's keyword questions. Don't worry, each keyword contains hints to help you find the answer. 

Each round will consist of ten questions, so be prepared for a round of brainstorming!



Try to answer 10 questions in 60 seconds or less, with 2 skips (5 seconds each). 

  • You will be given a four-character word hint.
  • The word's definition is given below.
  • To find the correct answer, change one of the four given characters. Enter the available cells with the keyboard.

If you don't find the answer after some time, the next hint will appear. That is, the cell with the letter to change will turn yellow.


While playing, you can switch between different display modes, such as dark mode and light mode. Furthermore, players can switch between normal mode and hard mode to suit their preferred level of difficulty. In hard mode, you will not be able to skip the question, and you will not be given a hint as to which letter to change (in the yellow box).

Take special note of Selection Mode and Zen Mode.

  • Selection Mode: Click on the box with the letter to change; only one letter is required (Suitable for players on mobile).
  • Zen Mode: Removes the timer line from the screen, reducing the player's pressure.


You can install optional features before starting the game.


Your 60s will begin once you press the PLAY button. The suggestions include: 4 letters, the meaning of a word meaning to discover. To get the correct answer, you must change one of these four letters. 

If the player does not find the answer, the next hint will be displayed in the yellow box. This is the letter that needs to be changed.

Fill in the blanks with the correct answer and move on to the next turn.


First, don't be shocked by the first four letters. Keep an open mind even if the suggestion makes no sense.

Then, read the hint again to find out what word to look for. You should make a list of synonyms and select words with a similar number of letters.

Because these are all common words, it is critical to remain calm in order for the brain to function properly.


Have you mastered Cladder game and want to try something new? Don't worry, we'll have the next challenge for you in the exciting games that follow.

Word Hurdle

Word Hurdle is the new name for the previously known as Wordle 2 game. In this game, players must guess the six-letter word in six or fewer attempts, and two words are released each day.


Phoodle is a game with a culinary theme that can only be played once every day. In Phoodle, you must guess a word and then spell it in 20 seconds, which will not be easy. But can you overcome it and become the best player?


Phrazle is a simple brain game with a fun word-guessing theme for all ages. The goal of this game is to find word patterns and phrases. It's a difficult brain challenge that can keep you busy for hours.


The goal of Flagle is to guess a country's or territory's flag in as few attempts as possible. Following each guess, you will be shown a similarity flag indicating which portion of your guess matches the answer in color.


Squaredle is a daily word search game in which players swipe words up, down, left, right, and diagonally across a 44 grid. Finding every last word in the daily Squaredle game is a difficult task!


Cladder vs. Wordle: Are They Actually Different?

Flagle is similar to the Wordle game in that there are several ways to guess. Instead of guessing a secret 5-letter word, Cladder will give you a four-character word hint. You will be given a four-letter starter word and a hint in which you must change one letter from the previous word to get the answer.

Can I Play Past Cladder days?

Each day, there is only one new Cladder, similar to Wordle. If one Cladder a day isn't enough for you, there's good news: you can play the entire archive of past Cladder puzzles if you so desire. Simply click on the archive option, which is located beneath the play button, to be taken to a numbered grid that represents all previous days of Cladder games.

Can I play Cladder Unlimited?

Anyone who has played the addictive game Cladder will surely want to try Cladder Unlimited. You can play Cladder all day in practice mode or once a day in challenge mode. You can also play previous games in archive mode.

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