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The game inspired by Wordle - Hertl is a combination between Wordle and an NHL player search engine. It is a clever game known as NHL wordle. This is also known as NHL in the vocabulary. What you should be doing right now is having fun and unwinding.

How to play 

Before you may name an NHL player, you must first complete 8 problems in Hertl. We've compiled a detailed list to assist you determine which group to join. You must now determine which of these individuals you believe is a Hertl member. Each player will receive a unique set of clues. Every day, a new player emerges.

Hertl Rules

  • As few people as possible should be able to identify the NHL player.
  • The solution will be the current fantasy player.
  • The color of the tile will change with each guess to represent the player's proximity to you.
  • When two columns match, both will turn green.
  • The yellow text in the column labeled "division" specifies the particular assembly but not the precise portion.
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