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Letterle is a game with the same goal as Wordle, but it has different options for how many games you can play per day. In this case, you only need to solve a single letter word. You can send the mysterious word to your friends once you've solved it. We tried it and can assure you that it is an extremely addictive game.

How to play

Guess the hidden word in all of your attempts. Each attempt must contain a valid letter word. The color of the letters changes after each attempt, with grey being the incorrect letter and green being the correct letter.



What is the point of the Letterle wordle game?

Create as many clues as possible in order to guess a letter in the fewest number of attempts. This letter can be emailed and shared on social media.

Is it possible to play Letterle more than once a day?

Yes, you can play infinite Letterle if you enter the Letterle web each time you want to play. Letterle allows you to play an unlimited number of daily games.

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