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Phrazle unlike previous word guessing games has unique features such as a logical question system that requires players to spend a significant amount of time finding the answer. The player must discover hidden word patterns and phrases. Prepare yourself and demonstrate your analytical abilities to uncover the hidden answer. 

How to play 

Phrazle is a 30-minute board game for two to six players. The players are given word and phrase cards and must use their deductive reasoning skills to match them. Think carefully because you have six chances to guess the correct phrase. To move letters around the sides, use the mouse or tap.


What are the rules of Phrazle?

Every new user or player should be familiar with the game's rules so that they can understand and enjoy the game.

  • When you visit Phrazle's official website, you will find some game-related instructions.
  • The color contrast in the game is similar to that of the Wordle game, but there are four color codes.
  • In the game, a violet color indicates that the letter is correct but was placed in the incorrect section.

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