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Pokedle is a Pokemon Wordle Game - A great combination of pokemon and wordle that provides a unique experience for diehard pokemon fans. Wordle is a game that is incredibly fun, simple to play, and makes the entire world go crazy. Many people enjoy the crossword puzzle game and look forward to new challenges. Many variations of the game have been developed, and they are also appealing to millions of people.

Pokedle is a game of what genre?

Pokedle, like wordle, is a board game. Wordle knowledge will not help you win. You must be a poke-head, knowledgeable, and passionate about the Pokemon world; otherwise, you will be completely lost while playing the game.


How to play

You will have the appropriate number of guesses based on your current challenge (5, 6, 7,...). If you guessed the name of a Pokemon correctly, the results will tell you if each word of that name is in today's keyword.

  • Blue: The character appears in the Pokedle and is positioned correctly.
  • Yellow: A character appears in the word but is in the incorrect location.
  • Gray: No character in the word
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