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Weddle Game

Weddle Game

Weddle Game is one of the newest variations on the word game, named after former University of Utah safety and most recent Super Bowl champion Eric Weddle. In the normal mode, only players who are currently playing fantasy football will be selected as solution players. This would limit the field of candidates to only those who could play the positions of wide receiver (WR), running back (RB), quarterback (QB), and tight end (TE).

How to play Weddle Game 

Find the NFL player in the fewest possible attempts. The color of the tiles will change after each guess depending on how close to the player your guess was.

  • Green indicates that there is a match in any column.
  • The correct conference is represented in the division column by yellow, but the correct division is not.
  • Yellow indicates that the correct number is within 2 (inches, years, or numbers) of the player's height, age, and weight in the column.



Normal modes

The solution player will be a current fantasy player, so only wide receivers, running backs, quarterbacks, and tight ends will be considered. Guess the solution player in eight or fewer guesses.

Hard modes

Yellow represents the correct side of the ball, defense/offense/special teams, in the position column. A current player in any position will be the solution player. Guess the solution player in ten or fewer guesses.

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