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Wordle is a simple and entertaining daily word game that, like a crossword, can only be played once per day. The word of the day changes every 24 hours, and it is your responsibility to determine what it is. This game will assess your vocabulary and memorization abilities. Click to play right now! 

How to play 

The game consists of a straightforward word search. In Wordle, a five-letter word is randomly selected and players have six chances to guess it. As shown above, if the correct letter is in the correct location, it will turn green. A correct letter in the incorrect location appears in yellow. A letter that does not show up anywhere in the word is displayed in gray.

Tips for playing Wordle

  • Don't start with plurals; this is rarely the case.
  • Only use common words; avoid names and locations.
  • Given that the creator is Welsh, words with a British origin are a possibility.
  • Experiment with different words: Wordle will not accept words that are not on the game's official list, so these attempts will go unnoticed.
  • To find useful words, consult the dictionary.

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